Coster Consult helps machinery manufacturers and users

We are specialised in CE-marking, risk assessment and lockout/tagout.


We help manufacturers and importers of machinery to comply with the legislation of the Machinery Directive (European directive 2006/42/EC), by performing a risk assessment, drawing up a technical file and writing an appropriate instruction manual. Based on the requirements of the Machinery Directive, the conclusions of the risk assessment and applicable standards suggestions for risk reduction can be drawn up. On request we will drawn up the correct CE-declaration: this will either be a declaration of conformity or a declaration of incorporation.

We can also give your employees a training on CE-marking.

Risk assessment

A risk assessment shall be performed for new machinery (as part of the CE-marking process) but also for existing machinery. For existing machinery a risk assessment is required by the Work Equipment Directive (European directive 2009/104/EC).

We can also give your employees a training on risk assessment.


We write lockout/tagout (short: LOTO) procedures for guaranteed safe stopping of machinery for maintenance, repair or trouble shooting. For larger projects we make use of highly efficient specialised software by one of our partners, using iPads to record the situation on site; the sealed LOTO-procedures can be provided the very next day.