Our documentation completes your quality management system or CE-marking.

Process descriptions and work instructions

We describe your processes clearly and to the point. By using flow charts we make clear for each process step what the related inputs, outputs and responsibilities are. The process descriptions can be made in common applications like Microsoft Word or Visio, or in specialised software for quality management like Comm’ant.

Work instructions show at a detailed level how processes are performed. They describe so to say ‘when which button shall be pushed’.

Both for process descriptions as well as for work instructions it is sensible to base what to record on the related risks. Prevent superfluous ballast, only record what you really need.

Risk assessments and CE-declarations

Machinery safety risk assessments are recorded in a clear report. Pictures are used to indicate the locations of risks.

For new machinery that has to comply with the Machinery Directive we draw up the correct CE-declaration. This can be the Declaration of Conformity according to Annex IIA (the so called ‘IIA-declaration’) or the Declaration of Incorporation according to Annex IIB (or ‘IIB-declaration’).

Instruction manuals

We write clearly structured instruction manuals. The instructions as required by the Machinery Directive and as derived from the risk assessment are incorporated, as well as instructions for operation, maintenance, settings, transport et cetera. The manuals are preferrably written in DTP-program FrameMaker, but can also be written in Microsoft Word.